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Abortion Cuts, Rape Hikes Create Record Baby Supply

With rape rates continuing to rise and wait times for abortions stretching well over 12 months in many states, record baby supplies are making for an unprecedented adopters' market in the US.

"The less options more pregnant women have, the better the selection for the same number of families looking to adopt," Health and Human Services Advisor Kirk Davis remarked. "Foster homes and orphanages around the country are virtually bursting at the seams."

The surplus is certainly in the favor of adoption-minded folks like Angela Swails of Prarie View, Texas.

"My husband and I visited an adoption fair in Houston recently and were shocked at how many children there were to choose from," Swails said. "There were even a few Asian and white babies if you got there early enough."

Swails, now the proud mother of a 1 month-old boy, says she doesn't mind if her child's biological father is a sex offender.

"Just as long as he's white," she said.

Though the majority of children up for adoption will never find a permanent home, all will be kept housed by the state until they can be transitioned into either the armed forces or an appropriate correctional facility upon their 18th birthdays.

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