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Ballpark Beer Prices Hit $100 a Pint

Ballpark beer prices surged past $100 a pint this week, further squeezing consumers already feeling the pinch of inflation.

Currently pegged at $100.54 by concessions analyst group TruMark, the rising cost of an average 16-ounce cup of beer in a Major League baseball stadium is especially burdensome to middle class fans who have little alternative but to pay it.

"What can you do? Go to a ball game and not drink?" Red Sox fan Brady Franzen laughed.

"And you gotta go to the game, cuz it's the Sox," Franzen added. "We gotta support our Sox."

Still, with the price of a Budweiser pushing past $120 in some parks, the tradition of having a few while taking in a game is putting a heavy dent in fans' wallets.

"My friend had an extra ticket for the Padres-Phillies last Sunday. I still ended up paying six hundred bucks just to get a buzz," Corey Crowder of San Diego remarked.

Compounding the surging price of suds, the rising cost of tickets and other concessions is making attending a ballgame untenable for some.

"Took my wife and son to the see the Mariners Saturday. Cost me $4,000," one fan lamented. "I'll probably need to take a second mortgage on my house."

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