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12 Year-Old Boy Starts Own Methamphetamine Business

Most kids are reliant on their parents to make ends meet. Such is not the case for 12 year-old Aiden Graiber of Poway, California.

Often frustrated by the limitations of his parents' low six-figures salaries to satisfy his desire for things, Aiden recently decided to take matters into his own hands by starting his own methamphetamine manufacturing business.

"Every time I wanted something - a new Playstation, a better bike or whatever - my parents were always like, 'We can't afford that right now', or, 'Maybe for your birthday'. So, finally I was all, like, 'Fuck that shit' and started my own business," Aiden recalled.

Six months later, thanks to Aiden's innate business acumen and rudimentary chemistry knowledge, the money he's making is enough for the family to upgrade out of their four bedroom suburban home and into a six bedroom on the coast.

"I'm making like, 20, 30 bands a week. More than enough to bounce out that wack crib," Aiden revealed with a trace of pride. "Also, I'm (going to) hire a maid so I don't have to clean my own damn room no more."

Added Aiden: "Shit's gonna be tight."

Though his parents are aware of the less-than-legal nature of their son's business, they seem unwilling to intercede.

"We don't want to stifle the boy," Aiden's father Brandon reasoned. "And besides, it's not like junkies wouldn't just find somewhere else to score."

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