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Terminally Ill Boy Granted Dying Wish to Shoot Deer

CLARKLAKE, MICHIGAN - A terminally ill boy was granted his dying wish of shooting a deer last week.

Battling cancer since he was five, Jake Doughty's illness never gave him a chance to go hunting or even fire a gun, but the 10 year-old still managed to take down a white tail buck before he died Monday.

"It took him most of a magazine of ammunition, but he did it. He killed his deer," said Jake's father Michael.

The six point male deer was reportedly tied to a tree in order to facilitate the fulfillment of Doughty's wish, which he carried out with an AK-47, his weapon of choice.

"Jake missed with his first couple of shots, but then he nailed it in the hindquarters and then got him again in the knee," Camo Adventures Pro-Staffer Ryan Kemp recounted. "Later, after we moved him a bit closer, he shot it in the horn and grazed its ear."

Finally, Kemp said, after putting the rifle on full automatic, Jacob finished off the deer with a long burst of gunfire that struck the animal in its leg, chest and face.

"That was a real heartwarming experience," Kemp said, wiping his cheek. "That kid nearly blew that deer's frickin' head off."

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