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Nation Politely Claps as Antonio Brown Carted Off to Mental Hospital

Troubled wide receiver Antonio Brown was carted off to a mental hospital today, earning a polite round of applause from many across the country.

Brown, who over the past two years has made headlines for beating up a mover, sexually assaulting his trainer, cursing out police officers on a public street, throwing furniture from a 14th floor hotel room and rendering himself so unemployable despite being the best wide receiver on the planet that even the New England Patriots cut him after just one game, gave a finger that wasn't his thumb to onlookers as he was being stretchered into an ambulance outside his Hollywood, Florida home this morning.

"Well, that's a shame," one man remarked after a few brief claps of his hands. "He helped me finish third in my fantasy league two years ago. Won my $50 back."

Other football fans expressed similar condolences over Brown's institutionalization on social media this afternoon.

"I remember in 2015 when he had 1,800 yards and 10 touchdowns. I couldn't lose my league that year if I tried," one poster shared.

Though reluctant to offer a prognosis on Brown's long term health, doctors are admonishing fantasy owners against taking him too high in next year's drafts.

"Sure, there's a chance AB comes back, but his brain has sustained significant trauma and you never know when he's going to do something crazy," one doctor said.

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