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Gun Owner Successfully Protects Home against Kitten

Local gun owner Frank Chance successfully defended his home against a kitten last night, shooting the five month-old Tabby with a 12-gauge shotgun.

A 46 year-old father of two, Chance described the natural instinct to protect his household after being awoken by a noise shortly before midnight.

"There was a commotion in the living room, and I just reacted," Chance recounted. "I grabbed the Mossberg from under my bed, went out into the hallway and started blasting."

The kitten, which the Chance family had recently adopted from a nearby shelter, was reportedly blown to pieces.

"She'd knocked over a framed picture on top of a cabinet where we keep our nice dishes," Chance said. "Which is probably what the little bugger was after."

Chance's defense of his home was his second in as many months after shooting his teenage step-daughter in the shoulder as she attempted to break into her own bedroom five weeks ago.

Lucky the cat was laid to rest in the Chance's yard beside her predecessors Muffin, Mimi, Winston, Cupcake, Snickers, Princess, Bandit and Coco.

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