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Woman Credits Meth Heads Chasing Her Every Day for Getting into Shape

A San Diego woman is crediting the meth heads who loiter around a convenience store in her neighborhood for helping to get herself back into shape since they began chasing her every time she passes by several weeks ago.

Danielle Wisocki says it all started in May, about 6 months after she gave birth to her second child, when a vagrant standing outside a North Park 7-11 started screaming and running after her, threatening to kill her.

"He said he was going to stab me in my face and called me a 'f'n b-word' several times while chasing me down the street and then through a canyon, which actually has a quite lovely trail for jogging provided you mind all the human excrement around," Wisocki said.

Though terrified at first, Wisocki now says that fleeing the meth heads has become an integral part to her new healthier lifestyle.

"It was real scary the first couple of times, partly because they almost caught me, but now I go by every day on purpose for the exercise. I've actually lost about thirty pounds," she said.

According to Wisocki, her larger concern now is for the health of her new personal trainers.

"Honestly, now that I'm in better condition, they're a bit slow. Sometimes I'll have barely gone half a mile before I can hardly hear them threatening to rape me," she said. "And then there was that one guy who got hit by a bus. That was a shame."

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