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Debate Corner: This Year's 4th of July Vanilla Ice Concert - Go or Stay Home?
By: David Moreno's Inner Angel/Devil

Attending a Concert in the Middle of COVID-19 is Selfish, Reckless and Unpatriotic
By: Dave's Inner Angel

Dave, come on. I think you know that this is a bad idea. The epitome of bad ideas, I dare say.

Do I really need to spell it out?

Well, fine. I will. Just in case.

COVID-19 is no joke, Dave. Millions have been infected, hundreds of thousands have died, and its just getting started. People not adhering to public health guidelines to avoid crowds such as this Vanilla Ice rap performer is bound to attract has already caused a recent spike in cases, and as a result the country now stands on the brink.

Would you, Dave, want to be complicit in spreading a deadly disease? Could you sleep at night knowing that your desire to "just have a little fun" killed somebody's grandmother? Or fifty grandmothers? What if your drunken, sun-soaked trip down memory lane killed your own nanna? How would that feel? I imagine pretty bad. Probably worse than whatever fun a fleeting (and probably poor, let's face it) rendition of "Ninja Time" performed by a 50 year-old never-really-was might bring.

Honestly Dave, could you actually enjoy yourself at all knowing in the back of your mind the entire time that you were likely stewing in an invisible broth of COVID-19? Think about it.

And finally, Dave, I appeal to you to do right for the sake of your country. The economic damage being wrought by this pandemic has been massive, and currently your beloved USA is suffering the worst of it. If you truly love your country as much as you say you do, wouldn't the truly patriotic thing to do on this anniversary of her independence be to make this one small sacrifice?

I think you know the right course, Dave. All you need to do is to look in your heart.

By: Dave's Inner Devil


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