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House Republicans Pushing to Ban Trans Women, Women from Female Sports

One month after introducing a bill to define "gender solely as a person’s reproductive biology at birth" for the purposes of Title IX – effectively prohibiting trans women from participating in women's athletics - House Republicans have added an amendment that would also ban non-trans women from playing sports.

"Firstly, it's unfair that women should have to compete against someone who was born male, but it is also silly for women to be competing in sports in the first place, because, come on," Rep. Gary Strohm (R-Fla.) spoke in support of his own Protection of Women and Girls from Sports Act.

The aim of the bill, which was recently re-named from 'Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act', is to steer young women towards more domestic pursuits, for which they are better suited, Strohm says.

"Due to obvious genetic advantages that make men athletically superior to women, nobody really cares about women’s sports," Strohm argued. "Fortunately, however, everyone loves cupcakes and cookies, which girls are congenitally predisposed toward baking."

The bill’s co-sponsor, Rep. Mary Anne Conway (R-Mo.), agreed.

"Why any girl would want to get all sweaty chasing a ball around a field is beyond me," Conway said. "As if any young woman has ever attracted a husband throwing shooty hoops!"

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