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Tennessee Grand Jury Set to Decide on Man Who Poisoned Feral Children

The imminent decision of a Memphis, Tennessee grand jury's decision of whether to indict a man who resorted to poisoning the wild packs of children beleaguering his neighborhood could set a precedent for similar cases around the country.

Frustrated by the many instances of theft and property damage being perpetrated by the wild orphans roaming his town – an issue likely only to grow worse since Tennessee banned abortion after the overturning of Roe v. Wade - Raymond Mitchell, 56, left out a plate of strychnine-laced cookies that poisoned 5 children and ignited a nationwide debate over the nation’s growing feral child problem.

"I'm with Raymond," one woman uttered a phrase which has become a slogan for many property rihts advocates. "These kids are out of control. Every morning when I go to walk my dog I’m harassed by the same bunch of 10-year-olds trading Pokemon cards and smoking cigarettes in the park. I ask them why they aren't in school and they tell me to go f*** myself."

"Probably stole those Pokemon cards off someone's porch," the woman added.

In another case pending in Texas, Alvin Brady of Fort Worth could face murder charges after he started drowning his neighborhood’s wild children in a barrel.

"My wife put out some buckets of lemons out to share with our neighbors, and these ferals not only took all the lemons, but also the buckets. Seriously, who does that?" Brady asked. "These kids are animals."

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