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Florida Bar Brings Fun to Patrons Currently in ICU

DAYTONA BEACH, FL - Taking the Daytona Mercy Hospital ICU by storm yesterday afternoon, several members of Woody's Tavern did their best to lift the spirits of some of their patrons currently suffering from COVID-19.

"We know how hard it is to not be able to go to a bar for awhile, so we decided to bring the bar here," Lindsay Martin, clad in Woody's signature tartan schoolgirl waitress uniform explained. "We only hope that everyone gets well fast so that they can come visit us again at the real Woody's real soon."

Despite coming armed with buffalo wings, several growlers of Woody's microbrewed ales and a margarita machine, the crew was forbidden by the hospital's staff from distributing the food and alcohol, disappointing many of their patients.

"That's bulls***," one man complained. "It's like I fell asleep on this ventilator and woke up in Russia. This is America last time I checked."

Likewise, The Almost Brothers, an Allman Brothers cover band that accompanied the Woody's girls, was not allowed to play.

"This place sucks," griped another male patient. "The food sucks, the waitresses are all ugly, and their shots are actual shots. Like, with needles."

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