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Surge in Child Labor Deaths Spurs GOP Call for Better Training

Republican lawmakers are calling for more rigorous training of the country's underage workforce after a new report on child labor in the US showed significant upticks in injuries and deaths of kids working in America's farms and factories.

The report, which was described as "most troubling" by Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, revealed a 30% increase in deaths related to industrial equipment and vehicles such as turbines, looms and conveyors, a 25% rise in falls, and a 27% surge in electrocutions.

"Plain and simple, these kinds of injuries shouldn't be happening. A properly trained 12-year-old should be able to operate a forklift without burying themselves under a pile of car batteries," Jordan remarked.

Calling the youthful workers who help drive America's economy "one of our most valuable commodities", House Labor Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) introduced a bill onto the floor of Congress today she says will address the issues raised by the report.

"Every time a child loses a hand to a meat grinder, or is accidentally wrapped in plastic, sealed in a box and shipped to Germany, companies lose money," Foxx said. "Enhanced training is not only an investment in tomorrow, but will improve bottom lines moving forward from today."

As of press time, Foxx's bill has since been labeled dead on arrival after a $4.5 million earmark for a shellfish and aquamarine museum in Myrtle Beach was added.

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