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Republicans Hammer Dems on Inflation, Hurricanes as Ian Makes Land

Adding to the inflation crisis as the centerpiece of their midterm platform to retake Congress in November, Republicans are seizing on the destruction Hurricane Ian is wrecking under President Biden's watch.

"As devastating as Ian is going to be on Florida, it will be equally as catastrophic on Democrats, because they control both the White House and Congress while this is happening," Senator Rick Scott, R-FL, head of the GOP Senate campaign arm, pointed out.

"Just like inflation, the Democrats in power have no answers for this terrible storm. They're just sitting back watching it happen. Probably even having a good laugh," Scott added.

Packing 100+ MPH winds and the potential to cause widespread flooding, Ian's destructive power far exceeds that of a few offhanded remarks about slavery and Jews, Scott argued.

"Liberals can cancel Whoopi and Kanye, but they can't cancel this hurricane? Come on, the American people deserve better," he said.

Similar to inflation however, Scott declined to offer any specifics on what Republicans would do to stop future hurricanes.

"Let's just say that this kind of thing would never happen again," he said.

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