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HOA Cites Possible Serial Killer for Real Halloween Corpses

IRVINE, CA - A local man is in police custody today after the corpses he was using to decorate his front yard for Halloween were determined by members of his homeowner's association to be actual dead bodies.

The man, Davon Leonard Winovich of Woodbridge, is currently being held under suspicion of multiple murders after being cited for several HOA violations over his noncompliant display.

"Mr. Winovich's bodies appeared at first to conform with HOA bylaw SB4.2.5 regulating seasonal displays as they didn’t contain any sexually explicit imagery, didn't exceed 72 inches in height, didn't promote elicit behavior, didn’t emit noise exceeding 65 decibels and weren't put on display prior to October 15th," Woodbridge HOA President Janice Templeton noted. "But then after a few days, the neighbors noticed that they were drawing flies and giving off a foul odor."

"Both the stench and the flies were clear violations of SB3.16," Templeton went on. "That was when I dispatched my Deputy Secretary Patty Perkins to issue Mr. Winovich a citation."

According to other Woodbridge residents, nobody had ever heard of Winovich.

"I personally never met the guy," Winovich's next-door neighbor Gary Bartch remarked. "But that's not unusual. I don’t know any of my neighbors."

"What I'm wondering now is whether he (Winovich) was really a Halloween fanatic or just a lazy serial killer who thought he could put off burying a few bodies for a couple of weeks," Bartch added. "Either way, I hope the next owner paints that fence."

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