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Local Hero Probably Some Kind of Sex Freak

A pillar of the community in his hometown of Chesterfield, Illinois, 64 year-old Kenny Butler is likely some kind of sex freak, most of his neighbors say.

Butler, a retired engineer who regularly volunteers at a local nursing home and operates a summer camp for at-risk youth from nearby Chicago, was recently featured as a nominee on CNN's Heroes of 2016.

"I'll bet you he's into some pretty sick stuff," surmised one of Butler's neighbors. "It's always the ones you least suspect – up to things you could never imagine. Disgusting."

Speaking anonymously, a man describing himself as a close acquaintance of Butler's speculated on his friend's possible secret proclivities.

"He has that summer camp. I bet those poor kids don't remember more than two hours from those six weeks, what with the steady diet of roofies he probably keeps them on," he ventured. "That is, unless he likes them old. He spends a lot of time at his senior center. Probably takes his sponge baths a little too far, if you know what I mean."

"Or maybe he likes both," the man added, shrugging. "Anything vulnerable with a pulse, the sicko. Or without, even. Christ."

Regardless of the nature of Butler's hypothetical deviance, the philanthropist has come to be widely reviled throughout the Chesterfield area.

"This used to be a nice town," one local said. "And I think it's time Mr. Butler left it. Maybe for his own good."

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