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As the Mother of My Father's Rape Baby, I Support the Repeal of Roe vs. Wade
By: Bridget Carmichael

As a proud mother of a child conceived from unconsensual sex with my father, I whole-heartedly support the restrictions repealing Roe vs. Wade would have on other women who might otherwise abort their own incestuous rape babies.

During my pregnancy, never once did I consider terminating. Even when my doctor told me that the hydrocephalus that ballooned my son's head to the size of a watermelon would likely kill me in labor did I give the idea a single thought, because I don't want to go to hell.

That being said, it has been tough. Eleven years since his birth, Zachary still cries through the night, and most of the day. Too top-heavy to walk without tipping over, he's confined to either his bed or a wheelchair, which he invariably steers towards traffic and staircases when left to his own devices.

Regardless, Zach is the love of my life. Gazing into his glazed, crossed eyes never fails to warm my heart. I don't know where I'd be without him. Perhaps college, or working somewhere other than Burger King. Probably not in a group home spoon-feeding a screaming pumpkin who has to be restrained from constantly punching himself in the face with his stumpy kangaroo arms, I'd bet.

In conclusion, never in a million years would I go back and change a thing about my life; and again, that's mostly because of the whole hell situation. I mean, come on; hell sounds like a really bad place, and eternity is a really long time. Much longer than it'll take the chronic myeloid leukemia to take Zach, anyway.

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