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White Supremacist's Manifesto Ridden with Inferior Spelling, Grammar

"For years and years the White Aryan race has been loosing power to the mongrel races. This must stop!"

So begins the manifesto of Aiden Vogel, a 22 year-old White Supremacist who attempted to commit a mass shooting outside a Denver-area Lowes this week, calling into serious question not only his own supremacy, but that of Anglo Americans in general.

"It really makes you wonder," High School English teacher Scott Lauer remarked. "For starters, 'White' and 'Aryan' in this context are redundant. I would advise the author to pick one."

"Also, I don't know how many times I've had to write it onto the papers of my own students, but 'loosing' is not a word."

Lauer, who is himself white and teaches in a predominantly white school district, went on to lament the problematic prose of the rest of the screed, which he described as, "Rife with spelling and grammatical errors."

"If anything, Mr. Vogel's writing makes me a little embarrassed to be Caucasian," noted Lauer. "Sentences such as: 'Mexicans who are criminals for example are coming here and taking our jobs while the blacks sit around and do nothing collecting welfare', cause me shame as a white person and a teacher."

"Frankly, I find it surprising that this person was raised in an English speaking country," Lauer said.

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