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Jennifer Lawrence Really Packing on the Pounds

Once a glowing star, Jennifer Lawrence now seems to just keep growing.

And growing… and growing…

Appearing last night at a red carpet for her upcoming film "Don't Look Up" - a comet-set-to-destroy-the-Earth movie in which she evidently plays the comet - the 31-year-old actress mystified in a floor-length curtain that concealed everything but her apparent newfound love for carbohydrates.

"Not quite sure what's gotten into J-Law recently other than a whole lot of Haagen Dazs, but I'm assuming that its some kind of anti-objectification thing? Either way, I say, 'You go, girl. Snack it up!'" TMZ reporter Meghan Bergwall offered on the gossip site's homepage this morning.

Other theories on Lawrence's rapidly expanding waistline have run the gamut from speculations that she's gorging for a role to rumors that she's suffering from a glandular condition.

"Personally, I hope that its for a role, and that she doesn't have some disease where she just keeps getting fatter and fatter until she explodes," E! Online Contributor Jayson Fournier remarked.

Disturbingly, a review of Lawrence's IMDB page gives no indication that she's been cast to play any incredibly fat people in the near future.

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