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Luxembourg Bombs Syria

Luxembourg propeller planes bombed Syria today, joining a long and growing list of nations to have done so this year.

According to officials of the tiny country somewhere in Northern Europe, the raid targeted Syria, and was successful.

"We dropped bombs from planes we flew over another country, and they exploded," Luxembourg Minister of Defense Jacques Werner explained.

Radar and satellite data showing two twin-engine Cessna Titan light aircraft releasing ordinance over the Syrian desert corroborate Werner’s claim.

"It was fun," Werner said. "We've never gotten to bomb a country before."

NATO spokesman Toby Lombaerts remarked on Luxembourg's first-ever bombing sortie.

"The Cessna Titan is not equipped to carry bombs," he said. "They must have dropped them from out the windows."

In addition to Luxembourg, Russia, Lebanon, Mauritania, Croatia, Jordan, Myanmar, Bahrain, Armenia, Cameroon, Jamaica and San Marino have all bombed Syria over the past two weeks.

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