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Border Crowds Return as Recent Migrants Seek to Flee US

One week after the expiration of Title 42 brought masses of people seeking asylum in the US, border towns are now facing a surge of those same migrants seeking to flee the country.

From San Diego to Brownsville, Texas, but also all along the entire northern frontier with Canada, tens of thousands of migrants who recently entered the US are now waiting to leave again, creating a challenging humanitarian crisis.

"They just want to go, and as quickly as possible," Dennis Brown, Deputy Director of New Horizons, a homeless assistance center in El Paso, reported. "But its not that simple. They need to be re-processed, and they need to arrange for transportation to wherever they might be going next."

Though some migrants have cited a variety of reasons for their quick turnaround – from poor living conditions and healthcare to safety and cleanliness issues - many decline to out of politeness.

"I don't really want to say," one man who came to the US all the way from Maracaibo, Venezuela demurred. "I guess it just wasn't really for me."

"Meh," another man shrugged.

Meanwhile, the mass exodus could spell trouble for a country whose native population growth continues to decline.

"Who's going to pick our vegetables? Wash our dishes?" US Immigration Services spokeswoman Julie Marsh questioned.

"Our homeless population?" Marsh scoffed. "Yeah, right."

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