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Nazi Kindergarten Vandalized with Pro-Semitic Graffiti

AKRON, OH – A Nazi Kindergarten in the city's West Village was vandalized with Jewish symbols overnight Tuesday.

Administrators of Baby Goose Steps, a pre-school dedicated to the early education of Nazi children since its founding in 1987, denounced the attack that left its north entryway defaced with a menorah and Star of David.

"That such a craven and cowardly act of vandalism should be perpetrated against a facility where children come to learn about their superiority over such vermin, it only goes to show you what kind of scum they are," the school's Direktor Martin Shpiel remarked.

"Honestly, it's sad. To think that this could happen any time is troubling, but that it's happening in the 21st century is especially distressing. What did we ever do to these people? We should have wiped them out when we had the chance," Shpiel said.

Other local National Socialist community members also expressed their shock and dismay over the vandalism.

"On the anniversary of the bombing of Dresden, no less," one woman said. "It's just disgusting. These people have no respect. First thing tomorrow I'm going down to Jew Town and throwing another brick through that synogogue's window."

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