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Smith-Slap Fallout: Comic Roasters Shower Chuck Norris with Praise

A comic roast of Chuck Norris held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas last night resembled more of a love-fest of the legendary action star, disappointed audience members reported.

Eschewing the usual no-holds-barred assault of its subject's failures and foibles, a murderer's row of comedy's most ruthless roasters - possibly gun-shy in the wake of Will Smith's slap of Chris Rock at last week's The Oscars - took the stage to shower Norris and his 20 year-old girlfriend with compliments during the 2-hour fete, those in attendance say.

"There were a few jokes, but mostly about how good at roundhouse kicking things Chuck is, and how much it would suck to get roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris. And also something about him drinking napalm to cure his heartburn or something," one man recounted.

Regarding Norris's date, a woman nearly 1/4 his age who spent most of the show staring slack-jawed and tapping at her phone, the comedians were similarly courteous.

"I hear you were on Chuck's granddaughter's quidditch team. I guess that accounts for your lovely physique," the normally acerbic Jeff Ross observed.

"Good for you," Ross went on, addressing the fact that Norris was married at the time he met the young woman. "I guess the heart wants what the heart wants," he remarked.

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