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Putin Adds Mustache, Parkinson's to Complete Hitler Evolution

8 years since having annexed a disputed territory and 2 months after invading a neighboring country, Vladimir Putin completed his transformation into Adolf Hitler this week by developing Parkinson's Disease.

Demonstrating pronounced tremors in his left hand and foot in a pair of recent videos, Putin appeared in a third wearing a Charlie Chaplin moustache, affirming speculation that he is the German Fuhrer reincarnated.

"I wish I could say that I knew all along, that I wasn't just speaking figuratively when I wrote previously that Putin had gone 'full Hitler' by invading Ukraine, but it wasn't until the moustache and the Parkinson’s - and now of course the painting - that it has truly dawned on me," UK Geopolitical Analyst Jaime Blackburn remarked.

The reference to painting, a hobby Putin has recently embraced despite the tremors, adds yet another similarity between the two dictators.

"Like Hitler, Putin dabbles mostly in watercolors; and like Hitler, he stinks," Blackburn noted.

"The Parkinson's can't help, but his landscapes look like they've been run through by the Russian Army," added Blackburn.

Hopefully Putin will shoot himself in a bunker sometime soon.

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