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Sedona Tee Time Shortage Worsens as Kaitlyn Jenner's Friends Mob Town

Seeking refuge from the sight of homeless people in Los Angeles, many of Kaitlyn Jenner's friends are discovering that Sedona isn't the Shangri-la they were expecting, with tee times often backed up for days.

"I have to say, it's a little disappointing. I moved here because I was tired of seeing the homeless on my way to the golf course only to not have a golf course to even go to because they're always booked," Chip Davis, a friend of Jenner who moved to the Sedona area in April, complained.

"I guess they solved that problem," Davis added, sarcastically.

Acknowledging the strain that their private, public and even mini-golf courses have been put under by the recent influx of wealthy Los Angelinos, Sedona Mayor Karma Flow implored patience.

"We appreciate the frustration some of our new residents are experiencing over the golf situation, but would urge that our new neighbors perhaps take this opportunity to learn to channel the energy of their wanting things into a more positive aura of gratitude for what they have - for instance through yoga or a guided meditation session," he said.

Flow's suggestions however seem to have largely fallen on deaf ears.

"F*** that s***," one man said. "I tried going to a yoga class up by one of those vortex deals, and it was like Oldchella all over again. F****** geezers."

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