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Mayoral Race in Felicity, Population 2, Mired in Legal Controversy

Four years after its last mayoral race was decided by a single vote, the town of Felicity, California, population 2, looks to be headed for a legal battle to determine it's next municipal leader.

Founded by Mark Nebers when he ran out of gas on the side of Interstate 8 in 1975, Felicity ballooned to a population of 5 in the mid-80s before an exodus of Nebers and his wife saw its size deflate to 3 - still a conveniently odd number that kept any political disputes at bay until Tim Vogel passed away in 2017.

"Once Tim died, I knew there'd be trouble," Chuck Crowder, Felicity's 72 year-old incumbent Mayor, remarked. "Now it's just me and my wife Carol, and that's a problem."

Carol Crowder, who despite consistently only receiving one-third of the vote since first running for Mayor in 2004, netted 50% this year, begetting the current crisis.

"If C**** Carol is in charge, God help us. There'll never be any peace," Chuck warned.

Nevertheless, Carol argues that Dunlap is long overdue for a change.

"All Chuck does all day long is watch TV and drink beer," Carol complained. "Meanwhile, I've got two rusty Chrysler Lebaron's sprouting weeds in my front yard and a broken scupper that makes a puddle in my kitchen every time it rains."

Cracking open a can of Coors Light, Chuck made his case for reassuring his re-election by tossing his wife's vote.

"She cast it while being a complete b****, so probably it shouldn't count," he said.

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