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Cash-Strapped Parents Looking More to Low Cost Summer Labor Camps This Year

Desperate to get their children offline and outdoors, many parents struggling to keep up with soaring inflation are looking to lower cost summer labor camps for their kids this year.

Promising the much-desired fresh air and sunshine at steeply discounted fees, the more-affordable labor camps offer not only the exercise and comradery of traditional summer camps, but also teach kids valuable vocational and life skills, the owner of one such camp boasts.

"Kids who come to our camp can look forward to any number of fun, educational opportunities, from welding and grinding to digging irrigation channels," William Walls of Hightower Summer Camp Adventures described.

"Depending on the contracts we’re working on, the kids might get to learn how to plant crops and process potatoes, manufacture circuit boards, fabricate wire harnesses, pick up trash, you name it."

"We know how to have a good time here at Hightower," Walls said.

Formerly a boot camp catering exclusively to troubled teens, Hightower still gets its share of kids with behavioral issues, and formal complaints, which are also pluses, according to Walls.

"Kids these days are mostly a bunch of p******," Walls says. "When you come to Hightower, you're going to have fun, but also expect to fight."

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