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Supreme Court to Hear California Case Extending Abortion Limit to 664 Weeks

One day after hearing arguments from the state of Mississippi seeking to affirm its legislature's judgment that abortion should be banned after 15 weeks of pregnancy, the Supreme Court will hear a case from California calling for the expansion of abortion rights to as long as 664 weeks.

Arguing that it is difficult for many women to determine whether they want to be parents until well after their child has been born, the state is set to contend that 12-years-old is a fair cut-off.

"It's not possible to form a viable opinion of a child until they're at least 6-years-old, and realistically until they're in their pre-teens," the state's lead attorney Daulton Magnus asserted.

"Sonograms don’t show whether a kid will talk back, or that they'll be bad at sports," Magnus continued. "Many times, despite their parents being very good looking or intelligent, a child grows up to be stupid or physically unattractive. This should not be a burden people are forced to bear."

Magnus went on to claim that citizens should be allowed to abort their out-of-the-womb children even if the reason they want to resolve their parenthood is their own fault.

"Maybe the reason their child can't concentrate in school or carry on a halfway stimulating conversation is because the parent has been negligent in some way. Perhaps they're not interested in Power Rangers, or are an alcoholic. But, hey, nobody's perfect. That’s why pencils have erasers," he said.

As for what might constitute the eraser that would affect a post-birth termination, methods ranging from gas and poison to giant vacuums that would suck the child from their bedroom have all been considered.

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