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Man Dies Just 19 TikTok Followers Short of 100K

Friends report that 32 year-old Aiden Schaeffer of Fort Myers, Florida died tragically less than 20 TikTok followers short of 100k Thursday afternoon.

Schaeffer, a delivery driver and part-time student who devoted much of his recent life to cultivating likes and followers to his favorite social media platform, perished while attempting to cannonball into a swimming pool from the roof of a three-story building.

"He was always making videos of himself doing stunts like that. Setting himself on fire, throwing himself down the stairs. Anything to get followers. It's just so sad that he was so close to 100k when he died," friend Hayden Moore remarked.

"If he'd only jumped a couple feet further out," Moore added. "And the pool had been several feet deeper, probably."

Moore recalled another occasion when Schaeffer spent an entire weekend taping himself trying to chip a golfball into watering can from his roof.

"He literally spent over 20 hours hitting these dumb golfballs off the roof, but you know what? He eventually got one in," Moore said. "Of course he received several comments mentioning how you can see a bunch of other balls around the can, but he still got like a hundred likes."

As of press time, Schaeffer's TikTok account now stands at 101k followers.

"He would have been so proud," Moore said. "He finally made it."

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