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Fox Poll: Trans People Now Most Important Problem Facing US

Americans now view trans people as the top problem facing the nation, while more conventional lesbians and gays also remain an issue of concern, a new Fox poll shows.

Overtaking daylight savings time and mild-to-moderate eczema in the same survey taken three months ago, the worry over the threat trans people pose is for the first time the number one thing keeping folks awake at night.

"They're just weird," one respondent said. "It's just… weird."

In addition to finding trans people both 'strange' and 'weird', poll participants cited 'the whole bathroom thing' as well as a belief that trans women have an advantage over biological women in sports competitions.

"It just doesn't seem fair," one woman said. "And it's weird."

Carefully watched by politicians, the poll appears to validate the focus of Republican representatives in Washington and state capitols across the nation.

"It is incumbent upon us as elected officials to press legislation on matters that concern our constituents the most," Florida State Senator Pete Grissom remarked. "And, I might say, from our fight to purge Critical Race Theory from our schools' curriculums and daylight savings time from our calendars, from combating the scourge of mild-to-moderate eczema and the existential threat trans people pose, that we have been doing a pretty darn good job."

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