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Trump Pledges Support to Fascist Franco

Calling an offensive by the Spanish Republican Army against Spanish Nationalist forces that took place over 80 years ago outside of Madrid, "Cowardly and terrible," President Trump pledged his allegiance to the Franco-led fascists in a tweet this morning.

"Socialist sneak attack on Spanish army today! Terrible! A cowardly act that will not go un-punished!" Trump posted.

Having reportedly gained his information from a historical newspaper left somewhere inside the White House that included an account of the first day of the Battle of Brunete - fought in 1936 - the President went on to explain his position regarding the conflict.

"It's a little confusing because the Republicans are actually the bad guys this time. Some real nasty amigos!" he tweeted.

Added Trump of the Republican Army: "Leftists who hide in the shadows before dropping bombs on your head. Sound familiar?!"

The President would go on to praise the General Francisco Franco, whose subsequent 46 year-long fascist dictatorship over the Spain is widely regarded as the darkest in the nation's history.

"Frankie Franco is a true hero! I'd buy him a chalupa any day!" he remarked.

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