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Trump's Grandmother Called Him "Total Dick" in Diary

Adding to the number of unflattering assessments coming from his own family, an entry recovered from the diary of Donald Trump's grandmother calls Trump 'a total dick'.

Dated from between September 1954 and July of 1956, the journal kept by Trump's maternal grandmother Winifred Vos details her frustration with the boy, who she also calls in various passages a 'cad', an 'imp', and a 'brute'.

"That fat monkey just ate an entire pie I baked for the American Legion fundraiser this afternoon. What a total dick," Vos penned on October 15 of 1955, referring to the then nine-year-old Trump.

"Honestly, I think there's something seriously wrong with that boy," Vos confided in another entry two months later. "Today he put the cat in the mechanical clothes dryer and shoved the maid's boy into a mud puddle. What a psycho."

Vos, whose death was ruled a suicide after she leapt from a window of her fortieth-story apartment while babysitting Donald in 1956, offered a chilling assessment of the future president in one of her final missives to herself.

"My only hope is that the imp's influence on the world is minimal. That the reins are held tight. Because, God, what a complete fucking asshole," she wrote.

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