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Will Trump's Strategy of Murdering His Own Supporters Pay Off?

His poll numbers and approval ratings sagging amidst waves of social unrest and scandal, President Trump has caused many political strategists to scratch their heads by choosing to hold a rally in the middle of a deadly pandemic Saturday - all but assuring the deaths of dozens, if not hundreds or more of his own supporters.

But might killing members of his base actually be a stroke of genius?

Not since Herbert Hoover ordered his security detail to open fire on a group of women conducting a bake sale for his re-election in 1932 has a presidential candidate actually murdered his own followers, but such tactics aren't without precedent, according to Political Science Professor Douglas Siever.

"Of course Hoover ended up losing in a landslide to Roosevelt in '32, but other candidates who actually assumed the Oval Office did so using wholesale slaughter of their supporters as an integral component of their campaigns. Calvin Coolidge, for instance, who in 1924 concluded a whistlestop speech in Fairhaven, Vermont by unleashing deadly plumes of mustard gas on the crowd; as well as Ulysses S. Grant, who employed both artillery and cavalry regiments to attack a pro-Grant rally outside the White House in 1872, leaving scores dead."

Siever went on to explain why similar tactics might work for Trump.

"Killing a hundreds, or even thousands of his own voters won't move the needle as far as the numbers he'll need on Election Day, but will likely galvanize his base, who are essentially masochists who respond to brutal punishment - even that which is directed against themselves," he said.

Added Siever: "Although, judging from Trump's disappointing turnout in Tulsa Saturday, he might have to start hunting them down one by one."

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