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New COVID Testing Requirements Could Delay Russian Invasion of Ukraine Weeks

While tensions continue to mount on the Belarussian border with Ukraine, any potential invasion by Russian troops was likely postponed weeks today after the Ukrainian government issued an edict requiring travelers to show proof of a negative COVID-19 molecular test prior to entering the country.

Posted this morning on a Ukrainian government website, the unilateral mandate applies to 'all persons regardless of nationality or purpose who wish to cross the border'.

"Everyone must get tested for safety," Ukrainian Minister of Health Oleksander Svyrydenko declared. "Whether you are tourist, Ukrainian citizen or Russian soldier invading country, all must show negative result."

Further complicating matters, the new rule states that all tests must be performed within 72 hours of entry, creating a logistical challenge for Russian forces.

"Yesterday, Russian Army was prepared to launch full-scale incursion of Ukraine within 48 hours. Now, not so much," one frustrated Russian Commander complained.

"How do you test 150,000 troops in 3 days?" the Commander continued. "And with PCR no less, no quickie antigen tests allowed? It is crazy."

Still, a request by the Russian Foreign Ministry for a special dispensation has reportedly been rebuffed.

"Sorry, no exceptions," Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said.

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