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What a Week!
By: Gao Liyu - Owner: Wuhan Helicopter Tours

You ever have one of those weeks? I sure have. This one!

It all started in kitchen Friday. Halfway through cooking some cong you bing for lunch, I try to open pantry drawer, only drawer not open, so I try again harder, snapping spatula culprit inside and knocking backward against pan, catching curtain on fire! Then, while putting out fire, smoke alarm go off and scare cat, who jump out window I open to let out smoke! Bu yong xie! I find kitty half hour later by Hop Lee dumpster, but that's just start!

On Sunday, my mother's toilet stop flush. I tell her call plumber, but Mom too cheap, so guess who has to fix? Gao, that's who! Long story short, I get it flush with hot soap water and plunging, but Mom live on other side of town, and by time I get home, my favorite show 'Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost' half over and I miss major plot point. Turn out Yang Jun's ghost brother is father of Tang Lei's newfound good fortune! And I miss! Zhi Do Qui!

Still, if that all, I am happy man, but no. On Monday I find out I have cavity. No cavity for ten year, but as wise man say, when it rain, it only get worse! And if you think that bad, when I come back Wednesday to have cavity fill, crazy dentist drill wrong tooth! So crazy! He fix and give Gao discount, but still crazy!

And still there more! Today after very bad traffic and having hole in shoe and burning tongue on hot tea, I arrive home and find guess what in mailbox? You guess it! Jury duty! Bu yan hao!

What a week!

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