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More Americans Claiming Their Right to Drive on Preferred Side of Highway

It was a story that was becoming more and more familiar: a motorist traveling north on the I-5 South in Chula Vista, California collided with a car going the opposite direction, killing both drivers. The fourth such incident in the San Diego-area in as many days, officials were left perplexed and searching for answers.

But for Adam Smith - not his real name - of nearby El Cajon, the reason is simple. For Smith, who says that his daily commute would take an hour longer if he used the side of the highway dictated by the government, the answer is freedom.

"Every day it was the same story. I'd sit in slow-and-go traffic morning and night while the other direction was free sailing. Finally, I was like, f*** this s***. This is America. I'll use whatever side of the road I want."

To Smith, the greater tragedy of wrong way driving isn't the hundreds of Americans killed every year by motorists driving against the flow of traffic, but that more aren't doing it.

"It's just kind of sad to see how conformist people are. It's like COVID with the masks and the vaccines. The government says do this and do that, and everyone just lines up like lemmings."

"Well, I'm no lemming," Smith declared proudly. "And I've got s*** to do."

Another wrong way driver, Patrick Henry - also not his real name - echoed Smith's sentiments.

"It's funny, because every time someone crashes into one if us, it's always our fault. We must have been drunk, or texting, or really old. Well, what about the guys at the Boston Tea Party? Were they all drunk and old? How about people watch where the hell they're going?" he said.

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