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Trending Now: Americans Love Babies, Cock

Meta analysis of recent news trends reveals that Americans love babies and cock. 

"According to highly sophisticated algorithmic analysis, small infants and big dicks are extremely hot right now. People can't get enough," remarked media expert Allen Burke.
Burke reported that people are also really enjoying getting upset with white celebrities who say the word 'nigger'.

Primed to capitalize on prevailing appetites, Hollywood has already produced its first movie targeting these latest, hottest themes.

Described E! news reporter Chip Cooper: "Kevin James will star in 'Eight Pounds and Six Inches' as a newborn baby endowed with the penis of a full-grown man, which he uses to fight casual racism amongst celebrities."

A web search has unearthed hundreds of other short films featuring babies and penises, pointing to the pre-existence of a sub-culture of infant-male genitalia enthusiasts.
Commented the director of an untitled documentary of diaper-less baby boys urinating: "Hopefully this day will lead to a new enlightenment - one where people no longer have to live in the shadows for fear of persecution merely because they enjoy looking at newborn children without any clothes on."

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