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News From The Future - South Dakota Woman Charged With Murder After Sixth Inbred Baby Conceived by Rape Dies

Charlene Foxworthy of Rapid City, South Dakota was charged with murder yesterday after her 8- month old son was found dead, floating upside down in a fish tank.

Although she denies murdering her son, the fact that the child was the sixth conceived from rape by a family member to die in Foxworthy’s care in the last eight years combined with the testimony of a witness that she said she would have aborted each one if the law permitted was evidence deemed adequate by police to justify her arrest.

"I don’t know why she done it, but she done it. She killed my baby boy,” fumed the baby’s father and Charlene’s father Donald, currently residing in Arkansas, “That murdering tramp will burn in hell as soon as she's done frying on the chair!"

In a statement released to the press by her lawyer, Ms. Foxworthy fervently denied killing her child, writing: “I didn’t kill my baby. I put him in the fish tank because he had gills and was more comfortable in the water than on dry land. If you want to point the finger of blame, point it at the baby's father-grandfather or at the state of South Dakota. If they spent as much time providing healthcare and fish food for the babies they saved by outlawing abortion as they did drinking beer and raping their sisters, daughters and cousins he might not have starved to death or died of one of the dozens of diseases he was born with.”

Her vehement recriminations notwithstanding, Foxworthy's confession to a local pastor that she would have aborted each of her children if the practice hadn't been banned by the state in all cases except those where the mother's health was at stake in 2006 severely damaged her credibility, prompting many to predict a likely re-investigation of the deaths of her previous five children and brisk convictions on any and all charges.

"So the boy had flippers and a head shaped like a football, so what? That's not just your son, but your half brother. How do you kill your son-half brother? How? Even if he does look like a sea turtle?" cried a neighbor of Foxworthy.

Remarked Foxworthy's brother Charlie, who fathered two daughters by Charlene: "I was a might bit suspicious back in the day, but now I'm down right extra suspicious about what really happened to my kids. I tell you what, this disease 'leukemia' is starting to sound more and more made up and I'm beginning to seriously doubt it was an accident how Charlene backed over my Becky with the riding mower."

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