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Caravan of Central American Biochemists Headed for US

A caravan of over 200 Central American biochemists heading for the US will compete for American jobs once they cross the border, its organizers say.

Stopping briefly at a Mexico City Starbucks to fine-tune his resume over coffee, Esteban Garcia, a Senior Research Associate from Honduras with experience in Real Time PCR, flow cytometry and Next Generation Sequencing stated that he is hopeful he will be able to find a job in San Diego's Sorrento Valley.

"I'll work for $60K per year, which is more than I got in Honduras, but still less than the regional industry average for my experience and education level," he said. "Also, I expect medical and dental, but would be willing to forgo vision and might negotiate as low as ten days a year PTO."

Susan Kline, a recruiter for Benchmark Solutions in San Francisco's Biotech Bay says she would have no problem placing such motivated candidates.

"These folks are used to working 45-50 hours a week for companies that offer no rideshare or pet sitting services, lack fitness centers, meditation rooms and sometimes even cafeterias. Some of these people have never even heard the term 401K," she said.

"And yes, if they have solid experience with NGS, I can definitely find them work," Kline added.

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