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Congressman Dean Koonce Appears in Black Face on Capitol Floor

Rep. Dean Koonce (R, IN) is drawing fire from both sides of the aisle after delivering a racially pejorative speech in black face on the floor of the House of Representatives this afternoon.

Dressed in a boater hat with what appeared to be brown shoe polish smeared on his face, the three-term congressman shocked his fellow statesman with a minstrel-style address that lampooned Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

"I haves a dream someday soon da gubment be re-open so mammy getter food stamps n' make us some mo' dat fried chicken n' greens we be lovin' so much," he said.

"Jibbidy-jabbidy joo," Koonce added then to a stunned silence before performing a jig in which he flailed his arms while frantically tapping his feet.

"Wow, Dean Koonce is even more racist than Steve King," one man who witnessed the spectacle from the chambers' gallery remarked. "I'll never buy either of their books again."

Meanwhile, Koonce has since taken to Twitter to deny that he's a racist.

"I love n******," he wrote.

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