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Trump Tweets Second Half of List of 10 Most Boring US Presidents

President Trump took to Twitter today to unveil the second half of a top-10 list of who he considers the country's most boring presidents. The list concludes as follows:

5. John F. Kennedy (D) - A lot of people actually think this guy was really exciting and even very handsome, but he was not! He was actually quite dull and unattractive. One thing - The Cuban Missile Crisis - happened while he was president, and he pulled the plug just as it started to get interesting!!! No wonder only one term!

4. James Garfield (D) - I'm the third cousin once-removed of a Princeton History professor and all I know about this guy is that he loved lasagna and hated spiders. Also very lazy. Again, no wonder just one term!

3. George Washington (D) - Boring George could have been president for life but only served two terms so he wouldn't be perceived as a king. A terrible and dangerous precedent!

2. Woodrow Wilson (D) - A four-eyed grouch who spent all his time in the White House writing boring books nobody was going to read, "Good ol' Mr. Wilson" blamed all his problems on the mischievous but well meaning boy Dennis who lived next door. Like the time Dennis "made him" forget the combination to his new safe when really the cranky old bat was probably just going senile! Shameful!

1. Abraham Lincoln (D) - Probably going to get some guff for this one, but wouldn't all of our lives be a lot easier if Boring Abe didn't end slavery? Just sayin'.

The first half of the President's "Most Boring" list can be found here.

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