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McDonald's Introduces New "Previously Ordered" Budget Menu Item

Looking to keep up with other chains who are expanding their own selection of inexpensive items, McDonald's will introduce the 89c "Mystery Sampler" of partially consumed food to their budget menu this week.

Priced 10 cents below the industry average of 99c per dollar menu item, the fast food giant's latest offering will include no less than one pound of previously ordered food in a sack.

"Everyone loves leftovers. Whether you're talking about Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches or half of a Big Mac someone didn't quite have room for, everything just seems to taste a little better the second time around," company spokesperson Lindsey Pittman remarked.

Pittman continued: "Not to mention the element of surprise which makes the Mystery Sampler that much more exciting. When you order a Mystery Sampler, you won't know if you'll get a third of a Sausage McGriddle and a half-eaten apple pie, some McNuggets and a portion of one of our signature salads sandwiched between a pair of discarded hamburger buns, or possibly a nearly whole Filet-O-Fish with only a single bite taken out of it."

Targeting cash strapped consumers looking for more volume for their dollar, options such as McDonald's Mystery Sampler, Taco Bell's new $3 "Family Fiesta Bowl" - a 5 pound assortment of semi-expired meat and cheese - and Burger King's latest 49c menu of food that fell on the ground are expected to drive more business to America's drive thrus this year.

"What with what I pay in healthcare premiums alone, I don't have much choice," one Burger King customer noted.

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