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Betsy Devos Teaches Inner-City Students How To Fish

Looking to "connect with some of our more urban youth", Secretary of Education Betsy Devos welcomed a group of students from Chicago's John Brown Middle School aboard her yacht today for an afternoon fishing excursion.

"I've read somewhere that it's one thing to give an underprivileged person a fish to eat, but that it's actually better to help them to learn about it. So that they can catch their own fish in the future," Devos said.

After meeting the five special education children dockside at Belmont Harbor, Devos and the girls spent a "highly educational" thirty minutes on Lake Michigan.

"It was great. I don't personally know how to fish, but once a member of my security detail helped bait our hooks, we were off and running," Devos remarked.

Despite nobody in the party catching any fish, Devos says the day spent interacting with the kids was well spent.

"Apparently the moon was too full for the fish to bite. Or not full enough," the Secretary explained. "My captain told me about it, but now I can't remember."

Added Devos: "Anyway, I gave the kids twenty dollars for Long John Silver's on their way home."

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