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World's Children to Malala: "Enough Already"

Malala Yousafzai, whose courage, perseverance and philanthropy in the face of brutal oppression by Taliban forces in her native Pakistan has been an inspiration for many, is starting to get on some people's nerves.

"Oh, Malala. That bitch," one American teenager said. "All I hear about is Malala. I get one B in Algebra, and immediately my parents are all, Malala this, and Malala that. Malala had to walk 50 miles through the hot desert just to get to school. Malala got shot in the face by terrorists and still got straight A's. Malala, Malala, Malala."

Having recently won the Nobel Peace Prize, Malala opened a school for Syrian refugees in Lebanon last month, making her even more annoying.

Groused one British teen: "I asked my parents if I could take a sick day after spending an entire weekend on a project for my French class, but no. Malala would never take a sick day. Malala can speak five languages. Fucking Malala."

Meanwhile, signs don't point to things improving any time soon for kids around the world, as Malala just announced the initiation of a campaign in her name to preserve the Amazon rainforest.

"Oh yeah?" one boy responded to the news. "Well, I can play the kazoo."

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