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New TLC Reality Show Stars Alcoholic Child

TLC's latest reality television series, "Tipsy Tyler", garnered 2.5 million viewers for its debut last night.

The show, which is dedicated to taking an inside look at childhood alcohol abuse, chronicles the adventures of 6 year-old alcoholic Tyler Price of Douglas, Alabama.

Tyler, who is pictured throughout the show chugging beers, whiskey and mouthwash, takes a trip to the emergency room in "Tipsy's" first episode after riding his bike into the side of a parked car.

"Whoops-a-daisy," he muttered his catchphrase upon regaining consciousness. Price, who also smokes, later asked a nurse for a cigarette, and upon being refused called the woman a "bitch".

Critical reaction to the series has been mixed, with some characterizing such show moments as Tyler losing control of his bowels during karate class or drinking from bottles of Mop and Glo in the aisles of Wal-Mart "outrageous" and "exploitative", while others call it "must-see TV".

Remarked TLC Executive Programming Manager Pamela Steele: "Tipsy Tyler is not only incredibly engrossing and entertaining television, but it also serves as an unprecedented analysis into what makes our children drink."

According to Tyler's mother Brandine, the answer to that question is relatively simple.

"He just likes it, that's all," she says.

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