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Epstein Freed; Accusers Face Conspiracy, Evidence Tampering Charges

In a dramatic turn of events surrounding the case against Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire financier walked free from a Manhattan courthouse Thursday afternoon as charges of conspiracy and evidence tampering were being filed against each of his accusers.

Calling the case "a travesty of unprecedented proportion", US Attorney Christian Hooper outlined what authorities are now prosecuting as a coordinated plot against Epstein.

"Acting in pre-meditated malice against Mr. Epstein, these young ladies collaborated to fabricate false and distorted accounts of rape against him while also planting evidence in his house in the form of nude photographs and videos," Hooper said.

According to Epstein, who has given tens of thousands of dollars to charities that support young women, the safe containing the elicit materials recently discovered by officials in his bedroom was likely planted while he wasn't at home.

"They probably waited until I went out," he speculated. "I don't know."

"I didn't do it though," Epstein went on. "What would I want to mess around with young girls for? They're too small."

As of press time, Hooper noted the possibility that charges against the girls could be dropped should they decide to apologize to Mr. Epstein.

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