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Ciao! Si, I know-a him! That is-a one crazy guy! I see him out-a-side the Fortezza da Basso taking a gelato from a bambino and-a throw it on-a the ground. I say, "Hey, whats-a-matta-you?" but he just-a smirk and walk away. What-a pompinaio, this-a guy! Hey, I tell-a you what, though - I heard-a from my friend Giuseppe, he-a sell canolli right-a round there, that he said he-a-going to some-a really tall city that used to be called-a Tinochtitlan. Ciao!

Where to next?

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Mexico City, Mexico

Lima, Peru

Have you suffered long term
mental anguish from extended
exposure to the music of The
Offspring? You might be entitled
to $$$ from a recent class action
law suit - 1-800-MKIT-STP
Son recently hit by car, paralyzed
snowboard, skateboard, bicycle
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