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No, I-a haven't seen this-a guy, and he's-a so ugly I think I'd-a remember. Is he-a your twin? I'm just-a kidding, you're not-a so bad looking, just not-a too bright. Galileo and Da Vinci weren't-a from Venice. Even my cousin Luigi a-know that, and he was-a hit over the head with-a piece-a rock from-a Leaning Tower in Pisa while waiting in line for some Biscotti! Ciao!

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Have you suffered long term
mental anguish from extended
exposure to the music of The
Offspring? You might be entitled
to $$$ from a recent class action
law suit - 1-800-MKIT-STP
Son recently hit by car, paralyzed
snowboard, skateboard, bicycle
for sale. 5705 Sagebrush Way