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Florida Fireworks Conclude State's Black History Week with a Bang

The skies over Tallahassee bloomed with fireworks last night as Florida brought its commemoration of Black History Week to a close with a bang.

The display, a celestial tapestry of red, orange and green set to music by the likes of Tina Turner, The Supremes and Post Malone, put a nearly five-minute-long bow on the annual observance.

"It was good," Governor Ron DeSantis spoke approvingly of the ceremony. "I think we can move on now."

Elaborating on his forward-thinking perspective, the Governor dismissed those he says might be dwelling too much in the past.

"Of course some bad things happened in the past, slavery and things of that nature, but we can't change what has happened before. We can only work together to create a better future, which is what my administration aims to do for all Floridians. White, black and so on," DeSantis said.

Elsewhere in the Sunshine State, the Miami Police Department unveiled on Saturday a Black History Week-themed police cruiser painted in pan-African colors and kente cloth.

"Let us hope that this empty gesture might help to minimize the struggles facing the African American community," Miami PD spokesperson Kaitlyn Donner remarked.

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