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Molested Girl Starting to Act Funny

13 year-old Monica Landry of Somerset, Georgia has started to act funny since her stepfather began molesting her last month, family members report.

Patrick Pendergraph, who took Monica into his home after marrying her mother Laurie in October, says the odd behavior began shortly after he started exposing the girl to porn and touching her breasts and private parts.

"Monica was a really well behaved child when she got here, but lately she's been acting strange. Real strange," Pendergraph said.

Landry's laundry list of odd behavior includes long stretches of sullen introversion punctuated by sudden angry tantrums, including one profanity-laced tirade directed at a teacher that got her suspended from her new school.

"I don't know how much more I can take," remarked Pendergraph, who noted that the "Monica situation" has only gotten worse since he began having intercourse with the girl.

Other members of the family have also noticed Landry's peculiar shift in deportment.

Pendergraph's sister Carol, who is aware of her brother's prediliction for young girls, observed:

"The girl is totally out of control. She steals, she's always trying to run away, and she called me a cunt on my birthday."

Carol added: "I don't get it. Patrick molested me for years when we were kids and you don't see me carrying on."

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