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Republican Senators Offer President Trump Sisters to Fuck

Celebrating the completion of their partisian duty to acquit the President of the articles of impeachment brought against him by the House of Representatives, GOP Senators on Capitol Hill are offering their sisters for Trump to fuck.

One of the first to pledge his sister's services, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham remarked that it was 'the least he could do'.

"This has been such a harrowing and unfair ordeal for our President that it seems the least I can do. That she can do," said Graham.

"I know the President has an eye for younger women. Well, my sister Gertrude is almost ten years younger and is very patriotic," Graham added with a wink.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose rigid control of the Senate GOP helped insure an expedited impeachment trial unimpeded by lengthy exhibitions of evidence or witness testimony, also volunteered two of his sisters to the presidential harem.

"My youngest sister is sadly afflicted with dementia, but I'd be proud to offer my other two sisters for President Trump to enjoy," McConnell said. "My middle sister Dolores is especially handsome. She actually dated Gene Tenace briefly in the 60s."

Whether the President might have sex with the Senators' sisters one at a time or all at once has reportedly yet to be determined.

"Whatever he wants," said Ted Cruz, R-TX. "Play some golf, sell Alaska to Chevron, fuck our sisters. We don't care."

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